5G Technology and Cloud Service Providers


To find 2-3 examples of cloud service providers that are leveraging 5G technology (or plan to leverage 5G technology) in their operations. For each example, 1) describe what the company is doing and 2) explain how this technology is expected to improve its performance, address customers' needs, and/or improve its profitability.

Early Findings

During this hour of research, we were able to examine how Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are aiming to leverage 5G technology in their operations. Microsoft Azure recently announced that it plans to partner with AT&T to make its cloud platform available on 5G networks. Amazon will collaborate with Verizon to the same end.

Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure is partnering with AT&T to "bring its business onto the public cloud" via 5G deployment.
  • The collaboration between Microsoft Azure and AT&T will provide consumers with Network Edge Compute (NEC) technology, which means that "AT&T’s software-defined and virtualized 5G core... [will be] capable of delivering Azure services."
  • The initial roll out of this technology will take place in early 2020 and will be limited to consumers in Dallas, TX. It will then expand to include consumers in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA.
  • Introduction of this new technology is expected to "unlock new experiences" for consumers in gaming and drone flying, as well as "augmented and virtual reality scenarios."
  • Other expected applications of this 5G technology include mixed reality, retail e-fulfillment, and public safety.
  • According to a Microsoft Azure representative, "Latency has become the new currency." The company's collaboration with AT&T will "enable a low-latency connected Azure platform" that is available to all consumers.
  • The end goal of this alliance is to "improve how people live and work today and in the future."

Amazon Web Services

  • In December 2019, Amazon Web Services announced its plan to collaborate with Verizon in order to make its cloud platform available on 5G networks.
  • Amazon is calling the new service AWS Wavelength, and it will give "developers the ability to deploy applications that require ultra-low latency to mobile devices using 5G."
  • Amazon and Verizon are initially rolling out the new technology in Chicago with plans to expand and ultimately launch globally later this year.
  • AWS Wavelength is expected to enhance gaming experiences for online gamers.
  • It is also targeted at football fans and will "unlock new and exciting ways for NFL fans to view, share, and engage with their favorite teams."

Proprietary Research

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Section 3.7.6 — Transition to Cloud, Virtualized Platforms, and Edge Computing ($64.79)

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