Research Proposal

Case Studies of Companies using Trust


To provide 2-3 case studies about companies that have used trust, speed, proactivity and passion.

Early Findings

Two companies that have been successful in inciting trust and making their operations more profitable due to trust, passion, proactivity, and speed are Equivity and SumAll.


  • Equivity used "Zoho Connect, a team collaboration software that simplifies communication and streamlines processes," to allows employees to communicate amongst each other, ask questions, post helpful information for others to see, and brainstorm.
  • According to the company CEO, the tactic was able to increase the trust between the company's employees, which led to increased productivity and satisfaction.
  • The company also used Trello in order to promote transparency about the projects' progress. According to Equivity, visualizing the progress is important as seeing the advance of the project motivates people because they can better visualize how their output impacts others and can better manage their deadlines.
  • This is also important because it gave leadership the ability to see the accomplishments of each employee, which made it easier to recognize them for going above and beyond.


  • Since its inception, SumALL's policy has been to be 100% transparent with their employees.
  • The company decided to push that to salary transparency, where the company provides the salaries of all of its employees into a shareable Google document.
  • "For SumAll, transparency means making sure every employee knows what’s going on throughout the organization at all times."
  • The company also uses "work management software, instant messaging, Google Drive, and face-to-face communication to make sure everyone knows what’s going on outside of their own teams."
  • According to the CEO, this tactic has increased productivity among employees, has decreased annual turnover rates to below 10%, and has promoted widespread collaboration between the different teams.
  • Moreover, the company does not have any of the big problems other companies have with employee salary, as employees are encouraged to bring any concerns to their management.
  • The policy has also encouraged managers to advocate for a raise for shy but deserving team members, which addresses another issues in other companies, where people that are shy but do well do not get recognized as often as people that tend to be vocal about their accomplishments.
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