Research Outline

Improving Gender and Race Expressions


To gain insights on the willingness of millennials to improve everyday interactions regarding gender and race, the preferred method of receiving the learning, and the willingness to spend on this type of content from an examination of relevant statistics and three case studies.

Early Findings

  • A Pew Research poll conducted in 2018 revealed that 61% of Millennials believe that increased diversity is a positive for society, 25% are more likely to know someone that uses a gender neutral pronoun, and 50% believe that forms should offer options other than man or woman.
  • Millennials spend an average of $1, 645 annually on education.
  • A study by Allgeo and the Sales Management Association revealed that millennials would prefer to spend less time on in-classroom training, and some strategies recommended include incorporating video games into learning, instant learning, mentoring and coaching, and micro learning.
  • MIllennials prefer to read using digital text rather than print.
  • Millennials use YouTube to learn new skills and about topics that interest them (70%), 45% credit a YouTuber with helping them to make a personal change, while 23% use video for research on products and services.


  • The initial hour of research focused on sourcing relevant statistics on millennial attitudes to race and gender, annual spend on education, preferences for receiving training content, and how content is consumed.