Research Outline

Independent Music Labels


Identify the top 20 independent music labels by turnover in the United Kingdom provided in spreadsheet format. For each label, identify the revenue, the number of artists (broken down by category if possible), whether it is multigenre or headline genre, and what genres are covered. Exclude Beggars and BMG from the research.

Early Findings


In our initial search, we created the provided spreadsheet as well as compiled a list of top independent record labels in the United Kingdom by media mention. Through our search, we found that several of the top listed labels were part of the Beggars Group including 4AD, Matador Records, Rough Trade Records, XL Recordings, and Young Turk. For this reason, we omitted these labels from our findings. In addition, we scanned for the revenue of the first 6 companies listed in the spreadsheet. Unfortunately, we found that revenue is not readily available for most of the labels found. Due to the private nature of the companies, we believe that it will take a deep dive into company revenue and/or size in order to truly identify each companies rank.