Independent Pizzeria Delivery


To understand the independently-owned pizzerias market in the United States, including the number of the independently-owned pizzerias and how much of their revenue is currently from delivery (vs. dine-in and take-out). Specifically, to understand how common it is for independently-owned pizzerias to have their own delivery team. To find the breakdown of pizza delivery revenue between large pizzeria chains and independently-owned pizzerias.

Early Findings

US Pizzaria Market: Chain vs. Independent

  • The US pizza market sales reached $45.83 billion in 2019.
  • The top 50 chains accounted for 58.93%, generating $26,95 billion.
  • Independent and small chains (less than 10 locations) accounted for 41.07%, generating $18.78 billion.
  • The total number of independent pizzerias is 42,026 pizzerias.
  • According to Aaron Allen & Associates, "independent pizzerias have lost 21 percent of their market share to pizza chains (companies with 10 or more locations). In the past decade, about 7,800 independent pizzerias have closed—with over 2,500 folding last year alone."
  • Domino’s dominated the market, while Pizza Hut came in second place.

Pizza Delivery

  • Nearly, $9.8 billion on the 2017 US pizza sales was done through pizza delivery.
  • In 2017, about $16.7 billion in pizza sales were made through carrying out orders.

Summary of Our Early Findings Relevant to The Goals

  • For the purpose of this research, we defined independent pizzerias as having less than 10 locations/units in the United States.
  • Our initial hour of the research didn't cover every part of the requested information, so we haven't confirmed yet if we can find all the requested data. However, our initial search indicated that the breakdown of pizza delivery revenue between large pizzeria chains and independently-owned pizzerias is more likely to be unavailable, but it could be triangulated by assuming that the breakdown of the pizza revenue is applicable on the pizza delivery revenue.
  • The breakdown of the revenue of independently-owned pizzerias between delivery, dine-in, and take-out is publicly unavailable.
  • There is no publicly available data regarding the percentage of independently-owned pizzerias that have their own delivery team on staff. Thus, we are suggesting an alternative path, by calculating the percentage of independent pizzerias in the list of top 100 independent pizzerias that have their own delivery team on staff. We manipulated the whole list in the attached spreadsheet.
  • Our recommendations are based on our findings in early research.

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