Independent Pop Music Artist 2


Gain an understanding of marketing music in order to develop a plan for promoting a pop music project, including insights into how to invest in various promotional strategies for the greatest level of success.

Early Findings

Social Media

  • Social should be a core tool for marketing for independent musicians, however its use to grow a fan base is dependent on striking an effective balance between social and promotional content.
  • It's noted that an ideal balance is having about 80% of posts be conversational, and 20% promotional content.
  • Examples of ideal content to include are video and photo of recording in the studio, short song previews, and images from performances or tours.
  • Other social media strategies for independent artists to promote include targeted hashtags, Facebook groups, and cross promoting on social media with other independent musicians.

Crowdfunding & Contests

  • Two suggestions for gaining fan engagement are to use an online crowdfunding platform, as well as creating online contests.
  • Crowdfunding can involve support that allows fans to contribute in a meaningful way, such as sharing photographs for an album cover, collaborating with song lyric creation, or offering rewards such as free swag for financial support of a project.
  • Contests similarly can be promoted on social media, and ask fans to contribute in exchange for potential prizes, such as free concert tickets, albums, or music access.
  • Both these strategies allow independent artists to get the word out about their music, while generating organic fan engagement.

Artist/Band Website

  • The artist website can also be a tool to reach new fans if designed and promoted effectively.
  • Various platforms allow artists to embed streaming music into a website, allowing fans to visit and preview content, which can aid in building an e-mail list for later promoting content and events.
  • One source notes that new fans are more likely to genuinely engage with content on a website than on social media platforms.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
Provide 2-3 case studies of independent musicians that gained their following via social media promotion. Share information on their content and messaging, and evidence of their success.
Provide an in depth report on best practices for designing a website to promote an independent music project.
Provide 2-3 case studies of either crowdfunding or contests being used to promote an independent music project, including information on their messaging, and evidence of their success.