Research Outline

Independently owned frozen food brands in the US


To obtain a list of independent frozen food brands in the United States including the name, location, and any sub-brands.

Early Findings

  • Amy's Kitchen is located in Petuluma, California. The company offers frozen vegetables, pizza, soups, and entrees.
  • Bernatello's Foods is located in Kaukauna, Wisconsin and specializes in frozen pizza.
  • Bridgford Foods is located in Anaheim, California and specializes in frozen breads and rolls.
  • Camino Real Kitchens is located in Los Angeles, CA and specializes in frozen burritos and chimichangas.
  • CedarLane Foods is located in Carson, California and specializes in frozen Mediterranean style foods.
  • These companies have been entered into the attached spreadsheet and were leveraged from a list of frozen food companies in the United States that contains both independent and subsidiaries of larger companies.