Research Proposal

Major Individual Donors to Natural Habitats


To provide a list of the largest or major US-based individual donors/sponsors to natural habitats that would house living waterfowls in the United States. These natural habitats would include wetlands, aviaries, or other ecosystems. Personal and professional details regarding these individual donors would also be included.

Early Findings

Ducks Unlimited's Major Individual Sponsors in 2018-2019

The major sponsors who have donated more than $20 million to Ducks Unlimited are referred to as Wetlands Guardian. Wetlands Guardians are Ducks Unlimited's largest donors. Here are the individual donors under the Wetlands Guardian category:
  • Beckie and Harry Butler, Jr.
  • Dave and Marg Grohne
  • Jim and Sarah Kennedy
Next to the Wetlands Guardian are the Waterfowl Patrons, those who have donated $10 million to $20 million to Ducks Unlimited. Here is the individual donor under the Waterfowl Patron category:
  • John L. Morris
Those who have donated $5 million to $10 million are called Conservation Pioneers. Here are the individual Conservation Pioneers in Ducks Unlimited:
  • Dennis A. Avery
  • Brenda and Wise Batten, Sr.
  • John W. Childs
  • Paul and Beverly Dickson
  • Tommie and William Dunavant, Jr
  • Matt and Kathy Grayson
  • Joel H. Porter
  • Dan Ray
  • G.A. Robinson III
  • William W. Thomas, Jr.
Here are Ducks Unlimited's individual Diamond Legacy Sponsors or those who have donated $1 million to $5 million.
  • Kevin and Mary Albert
  • William Alias, Jr.
  • Robert E. Barnhill, Jr.
  • Don and Nancy Barrett
  • Jeff and Amy Barry
  • Shirley and John Berry, Jr.
  • Donald J. Bishop, Jr.
  • James T. Blair IV
  • Sandi and Paul Bonderson, Jr.
  • C. Noel and Jean Brown
  • Denise and Dave Bunning
  • Dean and Rosemarie Buntrock
  • Gary C. Butler
  • Chris W. Canale
  • Wendy and Matt Chandler
  • Joseph J. Chapman
  • Theodore P. Costas, Jr.
  • Hal D. Crenshaw
  • John and Cheryl Dale
  • Bill and Sarah D’Alonzo
  • Whitney and Jacob Davis
  • Skipper and Cindy Dickson
  • Tripper and Emily Dickson
  • Katherine and John Hull Dobbs, Jr.
  • Charles H.P. Duell

Summary of Findings

  • We have provided a list of Ducks Unlimited's major sponsors.
  • The Audubon Society doesn't have a list of its major individual sponsors. What's publicly available is a list of their corporate sponsors.
  • The topmost major individual sponsors of Wetland Initiatives have donations that range from $50,000 and above. Next to that are those who have donated $25,000 to $49,999.
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