Indoor Family Entertainment Centers - Demographics


To determine the demographics of a typical indoor family entertainment center customer in Canada, including age, household makeup, income range, education level, and digital media habits.
To identify 3-5 primary motivating factors for families to visit these indoor entertainment centers.

Early Findings

  • FECs usually appeal to the 8 to 14 age group and their parents.
  • The median age in developed nations such as Germany or the U.S. is in the 40s.
  • Ontario was the largest contributor to total operating revenue in the Canadian FEC market with a share of 48.7%, followed by Quebec (22.9%), Alberta (12.4%) and British Columbia (10.1%).
  • Today, success in FECs requires "taking a se­ries of quantifiable steps, beginning long before the first game is played and contin­uing through the life of the location."
  • "Success in today’s operating market de­pends, at base, on paying careful attention to patrons’ per-capita spending."
  • This concept is uniquely conditioned by market areas within a city, or in some cases a region. "What does the average person spend after deciding to leave home for 2 to 2.5 hours for leisure entertainment, including food?"

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