Indoor Entertainment Center Industry Trends


To provide 5-7 current trends in acrobatic/gymnastic centers and indoor entertainment centers in Canada. For each trend we will describe what the trend is, what is driving it, and provide one example of an entertainment center illustrating the trend.

Early Findings

Fusion Style Fitness

  • Fusion style fitness is a type of fitness that combines different types of exercise to create a new workout to provide variety and something new. It was among the top 10 Canadian fitness trends for 2019.
  • Some Canadian companies, such as Trix Acro Gym, have tapped into this trend by incorporating fusion style fitness programs in their gyms. Trix-Acro gym offers acro-gymnastics fusion, which is they are calling "the latest craze in kids' fitness activity."

Holding Events at FECs

  • Family entertainment centers (FECs) are increasingly "being used as a location of choice for corporate parties and birthday parties for children as well as adults."
  • "This trend is increasing revenue generation from the food & beverage segment."
  • "Birthday parties account for up to 50% of weekend traffic at family entertainment centers."

Rise of New Technologies

  • Family/Indoor Entertainment Centers are offering a "diversified range of gaming options for customers. New technologies, such as 3D technology, virtual reality gaming are trending and consumers are preferring modern modes of entertainment over traditional ones."
  • Currently, "Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) games are highly trending, thus, players in the family/indoor entertainment centers market have started offering these games."
  • Additionally, "some gaming manufacturers are also focusing on developing various technologies for improvising the gaming experiences in these centers. Manufacturers are working on mixing the AR and VR technology with 3-D projection mapping and interactive digital surfaces to generate new technologically advanced games."
  • The "VR gaming zone segment is estimated to create and incremental opportunity of $14,569.00 million in this market between 2018 and 2028."

Garden Centers Becoming Family Entertainment Centers

  • Garden Centers are turning into Family Entertainment Centers by broadening their offerings in more leisure activities and gastronomy.
  • In Canada, Wilsons Lifestyle & Retail Centre looks more like a Family Entertainment Center instead of a retail Garden Center. This shop not only sells products for home gardens but also has fun activities akin to a Family Entertainment Center. They include activities such as "karting, climbing or playing miniature golf. Kids can play at the Indoor Playground while parents enjoy a coffee at the restaurant."

Proposed next steps:

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The initial hour of research identified 4 trends in gymnastic centers and indoor entertainment centers. However, not all were specific to Canada, as some available trends were generalized to the FEC industry as a whole. We recommend additional research to identify an additional 2-3 current trends specifically to acrobatic/gymnastic centres in Canada. For each trend we will describe what the trend is, what is driving it, and provide one example of an entertainment center illustrating the trend.
In reference to the original request, we can also do further research to provide a competitive landscape for indoor entertainment centers in Ontario. We can start by providing a competitive landscape for 6 key players in the indoor entertainment center industry, specifically In Play Inc, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto, Sky Zone Toronto, Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls, GlowZone 360, and Dave & Busters. For each we will provide their products/services, their competitive advantage, their target audience, and 2-3 examples of the company's current marketing efforts.