Research Proposal

Indoor Family Entertainment Centers


In order to prepare a new business pitch for an indoor family entertainment center for kids 6+ as well as adults, provide a competitive landscape, including market share, of indoor family entertainment centers in Ontario (specifically around Vaughan, Ontario). Additionally, provide the demographics of the target customer and their primary motivators for going to these types of indoor entertainment centers. Lastly, provide information on how far people are willing to drive to get to these centers.

Early Findings

Market Overview

  • The global indoor entertainment center market was valued at $18,907 million in 2017. Growing at a CAGR of 10.2%, it is projected to reach $40,814 million by 2025.
  • This market is dominated by North America, while the Asia-Pacific is seeing large growth.


  • Key market leaders in Ontario, chosen by consumer popularity, include In Play Inc, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto, Sky Zone Toronto, Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls, GlowZone 360, and Dave & Busters.
  • In Vaughan, indoor activity centers include Bad Axe Throwing, Colossus Woodbridge, Airborne Trampoline Woodbridge, Captive Escape Rooms, Planet Play, Sky Zone Vaughan, DP Lazer Maze, NINJAZ Canada, DISCVR Virtual Reality, Playcious, and Funtastic Forest.
  • Since most indoor entertainment centers found in Ontario are private businesses, and therefore do not report revenue, coupled with the fact that no market size for indoor entertainment centers specific to Canada, or Ontario, could be found, market share for specific businesses could not be determined.

Target Customer

  • Indoor family entertainment centers appeal most to children ages 8-14.
  • Repeat customers make up a large portion of the customer base for indoor family entertainment centers.
  • Word-of-mouth marketing to the local community is the most effective for attracting new customers.
  • In cities, the average amount of time people will drive to go to an indoor family entertainment center is 15-20 minutes. In less densely populated areas, they may drive up to 45-60 minutes.
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