Research Outline

Digital Marketing Tactics


To identify 3-5 of the most used digital marketing tactics across the following verticals: retail, finance, and consumer products industries. No description of the tactics is necessary, only a list with data showing it's among the most used. Additionally, to provide an analysis of the digital marketing tactics being implemented in the natural products industry. Natural products can be defined as "consumer products that use no chemicals and are all natural."

Early Findings

  • 29% of retail marketers surveyed said they spend the most money on Instagram ads across all social media platforms.
  • 47% of retail marketers surveyed said they are planning to rely on dynamic social media ads more often, as of 2020.
  • Among finance companies, 37% surveyed said that targeting and personalization were among their most-prioritized marketing tactics as of 2018.
  • 61% of financial companies surveyed said they have adopted AI as of 2018, with automated campaigns being among one of the most popular use cases for the technology.
  • Companies in the consumer packaged goods industry have been increasing the amount of money they spend on search advertising, as consumers are increasingly shopping for CPG products online. In 2019, search ad spend among CPG companies grew by 27.6%, making it among the fastest growing digital ad format for the segment.
  • CPG companies are increasing their mobile ad spend as well. In 2019, mobile ad spending in this segment grew by 22.8%.
  • Aloe Cadabra is an all natural personal lubricant made from aloe vera and vitamin E. The company has employed digital marketing tactics that include the use of Google Ads, website development and optimization, search engine optimization, and content marketing.
  • GoMacro is a plant-based nutrition bar company. In a digital campaign, the brand utilized storytelling, video, and integrated digital marketing tactics, as well as updating the design of their website. The campaign used a cross-channel approach, that incorporated social media, search, audio/video, and email marketing.

Results of Early Findings

  • Plenty of survey data is available which can help our team identify 3-5 of the most used digital marketing tactics, as this data can help show things like which tactics are most popular among marketers (in terms of the percentage that are using them) and where they are allocating their advertising dollars.
  • Campaign case studies are available which can collectively help to illustrate the digital marketing tactics being employed by companies that make natural products.