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To obtain a competitive landscape of the following companies: Rivel, Clermont, Alpha IR, Joelle Frank, Lazard(Banking/IR focus), McKinsey, Teneo, AT Kearney, and Gartner. This will include details about their branded assets including what logo are they using, taglines used, positioning statements, and brand essence of each competitor. This will also include details about each competitors' social media accounts including number of followers/subscribers, type of content posted, quality of photos/videos, tone of voice, and how are they promoting their services on these platforms. Additionally, obtain a SWOT analysis of each competitor.

Early Findings

As we dove into the background research of this topic, we analyzed the social media accounts, press releases, and others to gain a glimpse of the required information. A summary of our findings is provided below:


  • The company possesses only 6 subscribers on YouTube, 245 followers on Twitter, and 338 followers on LinkedIn.
  • High-quality videos(1080p) are being posted on Youtube including interviews on Rivel's Intelligence Council, Rivel's Perception Studies, and others. The interviews are focused on various issues in IRO's (Investor Relations Operations) and goals of Rivel discussed in a soft and direct tone.
  • The majority of the posts on Twitter consists of do's and dont's for companies accompanied by high-quality images and focusing on several issues in IRO and embodiment of annual reports. The posts are accompanied by an educational voice tone.
  • They don't seem to promote themselves on YouTube, on Twitter they are promoting themselves by sharing tips and insights in IRO's showcasing themselves as an expert in this industry. Additionally, they are representing their core business as gathering, analyzing and interpreting investment community feedback.
  • They seem to promote their business on LinkedIn by sharing high-quality photos along with written content about their upcoming conferences, surveys conducted by them, and research conducted by their Intelligence Council.
  • They are using this logo for their brand assets. The tagline used is " The Value of Global Insight".
  • They are positioning themselves as investor research company providing comprehensive insight on the buy-side consensus, industry insight, company-specific perceptions, and best practices.
  • The research provided by Rivel is focused on six different terms: objective, qualitative, quantitative, comparative, reliable, and actionable. These points of focus differentiate(brand essence) Rivel from its competitors.

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