Gaming: Importance of Influencer Marketing


To determine whether influencer marketing should be an important component for gaming brands and performance advertisers.

Early Findings


  • Finding an influencer that resonates with the genre and has access to the right demographic is the real challenge.
  • Gaming companies are constantly increasing their influencer marketing spend. The average marketing spend is about 30% of their total revenue. This market generated $41.37 billion in 2018.

Importance of Influencer Marketing

Case Study 1: Azur Games

Case Study 2: Ubisoft

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research was able to provide adequate information on the importance of influencer marketing in the gaming industry. We recommend continued research in identifying 4-6 case studies of gaming companies/brands that have used influencer marketing and the benefits. We will provide statistics to demonstrate the impact of this campaign.
Additionally, we will provide 3-4 current/future trends in the use of influencer marketing in this industry. These trends will focus on both the influencers and how brands are interacting with them.