Influencer Marketing - Case Study


To identify 1-2 case studies of companies that attempted to run their social media platforms internally and eventually decided to hire an influencer marketing agency.

Early Findings

Several companies have outsourced the management of their social media platforms to influencer marketing agencies. Below are some of our findings on such firms.

Public Goods

  • Public Goods, an e-commerce startup that sells organic and natural products with an annual membership subscription program, decided to hire an influencer marketing agency in the middle of 2018.
  • Between June 2018 and June 2019, the startup achieved remarkable results, growing its Instagram followers five folds from 10,000 to 50,000. According to its Chief Content Manager, Joseph Rauch, the results were "impressive."
  • The agency was responsible for finding the influencers, establishing contracts, maintaining relationships, and ensuring they promoted they brand.
  • Public Goods decided to eventually part ways with the influencer marketing agency in August 2019 in favor of a single full-time in-house influencer marketing manager. The company cited unjustifiable costs as the reason for their decision —implying the agency's value was not in tune with their growth plans.

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