Information on Sobey's Executives


To gain more information on the personal and professional details of each of the Sobey’s executives listed in order to prepare for a meeting with a potential client

Early Findings

CMO Sandra Sanderson is a marathon runner, and often uses the hobby as way to describe her approach to goals and career.

She’s also switched back and forth between working for companies in both Canada and the US, and her appointment to CMO at Sobey's included a return to work in Canada.
VP Derek Kent is a huge sports fan, posting often about the NBA and NHL on his Twitter account.
VP CRM & Loyalty Shawn Bloom recently spoke at the Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Marketing conference, sharing his belief in focus on whole customer experience as key to driving loyalty, vs. loyalty programs alone.
Erika DeHaas has recently participated in an event to promote the partnership between Toronto Raptors and Sobey's, where the company received media coverage for awarding free tickets to NBA fans. She also posts often about sports on Twitter, and is a fan of the Olympics.
In his previous role for St. Josephs, George was interviewed by the Canada Post regarding his passion for print media, specifically his expertise in print catalog strategy.

On her Twitter profile, Guylaine lists herself as “Intuitive, creative & strategic marketer, passionate for real food not trend, image hunter, city explorer, nature aficionado... et parle français bien entendu” and appears to have interests in culture, design, and activism.

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