Video as a Communication Medium


To determine how video is being used as a medium of communication and the kind of industries that use it the most, with an emphasis on future predictions. The research will include;
  • 3-5 Statistics on how many users there are on video platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live.
  • 3-5 Statistics on ad revenue from video platforms such as YouTube .
  • 3-5 statistics on how many videos the average internet user consumes. Can be on a specific platform such as YouTube, or across platforms, within a specific time range.
  • 8-10 statistical predictions on the future of video and how different industries use it. The focus could be on predictions on which industries will adopt it more and the reasons behind the adoption.
  • The top 5-8 industries and use cases where video is quickly growing
  • A list of 10 new products and technologies related to video for consumers or businesses that have recently been released or will be released soon .
  • A list of the new ways video is being used in the following industries and new technologies related to video in: education, medicine, oil and gas, agriculture, automotive, smart home/IoT, marketing, advertising, finance. (2-3 examples per industry).
  • A list of 10 of the biggest ways that video is predicted to influence businesses, and the biggest ways that video is predicted to influence consumers.

Early Findings

Top Video Communication Platforms

  • 82% of people prefer a live video from a brand, rather than reading social posts.
  • On the other hand, 80% of people prefer watching live videos instead of reading blog posts.


Facebook Live

  • There are 1.62 billion Facebook users who visit the platform daily.
  • There are about 3 billion Facebook users.
  • 88% of Facebook users use the platform to connect with family and friends.


  • During our background research, we found that there is plenty of information regarding video as a medium of communication for both consumers and businesses. We will also need clarification on whether to focus on live video or a combination or video communication in general, in our preceding research.

Research proposal:

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