Innovative Consulting Services (Global)


To gain useful insights on some of the most innovative consulting services around the world; particularly focusing on how they work, their innovation methodology, client portfolio and industry of focus.

Early Findings

  • IDEO describes its innovation methodology as "design thinking." According to the firm, design thinking is a strategy and approach to "seeing the world." The sole aim of adopting the design thinking strategy is to enable IDEO approach problem solving by stimulating a "beginner's mind," assuming nothing and approaching every ambiguity as though it is an opportunity.
  • The methodology aims to find the best solutions that combine human desires, technology feasibility, and economic viability. IDEO primarily focuses on developing consumer experiences for consumer-facing projects. Some of their clients include Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Microsoft, Nokia, Intel, Eli Lilly, Samsung, and Steelcase.
  • Deloitte describes its approach to design and innovation as a fast, iterative process that produces actionable outputs which are tested using live prototypes and pilot operations. As a mature consulting outfit, it has built various tools, services, and sub firms to ensure all ideas become a success.
  • The firm breaks down its innovative process into three main stages. The first stage aims to help corporate organizations and individuals create awareness for innovation. The next stage, which is the second stage, moves the project forward by deepning the understanding of their various choices and setting innovative strategies. The third and final stage works to design, build and launch such solutions, which may to develop new offerings, enter a new market, increase productivity or simply to grow the business.
  • Deloitte primarily serves the consumer industry; the energy industry; the financial services industry; government & public services industry; life sciences & healthcare industry; and the technology, media, and telecommunications industry. Its major clients include Metlife, Morgan Stanley, Berkshire Hathaway, The Blackstone Group and Microsoft.

Summation Of The Availability Of Information Relevant To The Goals

In our initial hour of research, we were able to provide useful insights on IDEO and Deloitte covering how they work, their innovation methodology, client portfolio and industry of focus.

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