Innovative OTC Healthcare Products


The goal is to find top new innovative OTC healthcare products and services that have a global impact.

Early Findings

  • Pfizer and GSK are combining their OTC healthcare companies together under a joint venture. This new company is expected to take 7.3% of the global OTC market share.
  • ADM Protexin was one of the 2019 REX Award winners. They won this award because of their innovation in the probiotics industry with their Bio-Kult products.
  • Bausch + Lomb was another REX Award winner for their Lumify eye drops. These drops are the "first and only OTC eye drops containing low-dose brimonidine tartrate developed for the reduction of eye redness".
  • The OTC Brand of the Year winner for 2019 was Viagra Connect. One judge said the product is "A fantastic innovation for OTC, driving genuine category growth and providing better primary care to our customers".
  • Clearblue won 2019 Most New Innovative OTC Product with their Connected Ovulation Test System. One judge called the product a "blend of sound science and precision tech".
  • Amazon launched their fourth OTC medication brand, called Primary Health, in 2018 through a partnership with Aurohealth. Amazon is joining the trend of OTC brands specifically for e-commerce companies.

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