Innovative Social Media Campaigns


Discover best practices for innovative social media campaigns in order to pitch to a company for their digital and social media business.

Early Findings

Successful Innovative Campaigns

  • Using scarcity: Starbucks and the Unicorn Frappuccino. This was part of the Frappuccino Happy Hour and was only rolled out for one week. This campaign generated nearly 155,000 Instagram posts. From this we can see that “scarcity” is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Capitalizing on it can create a social media frenzy.
  • Using political awareness and “wallet activism”: Billie, a company that sells razors, used the idea that women pay more for razors than men (Project Body Hair/Pink Tax Rebate). They promoted this idea on Facebook, Instagram, their website, and YouTube. In eleven months, the brand grew their organic reach to 65,000 followers.
  • Using self-esteem/body confidence: Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty was named on of the top 100 campaigns of the 21st century by AdAge. Dove used a positive change theme to get over two million views on the first video they released in the campaign.
  • Using social/political issues: Gillette tackled toxic masculinity with their: “The Best Men Can Get” campaign. Part of the campaign was a promise to donate to non-profits to help men achieve their “best”. The videos, which promoted a “different” kind of man sent their social media mentions form 10,000 one week to over 1.5 million after the release.
  • User generated content: This concept is all about sharing photos and posts the customer has created for you. It is an exceptional strategy for building engagement. Cupshe, a swimsuit brand, The Everygirl, a publication, Lush Cosmetics, and Essie are all examples of companies using this strategy successfully.
  • Using humor on Twitter: MoonPie is an example of using humor to engage your audience. They post random flow charts on how to pick MoonPie flavors, and other entertaining posts. Sprout Social Index found that 67% of consumers stated they are willing to “like” entertaining social content, and 55% said they would be willing to share.
  • Cross-channel marketing with different networks: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are not the only options when it comes to cross-channel marketing. Casper, a mattress manufacturer, uses Spotify, YouTube, and IGTV to promote their product. Their videos feature sounds of someone

Case Studies

  • Using a competition: Mercedes wanted to attract a younger demographic. To do this, they hired five top Instagram followers to each take the wheel of a new Mercedes and photograph the experience. The Instagram photographer that got the most likes got to keep the car. By the end of the campaign they had 87,000,000 organic Instagram impressions, 2,000,000 Instagram likes, and 150 new marketing assets in the form of the pictures taken.
  • Making social image more positive: Dove started their “Real Beauty” campaign to combat the negative comments women make on social media. They used the #SpeakBeautiful. This hashtag was used more than 168,000 times and has 800 million social media impressions. Key point from this campaign was that Dove knows their audience.

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