Research Proposal

B2B Marketing - Saudi Arabia


To identify insights and best practices around B2B marketing in Saudi Arabia covering the media behavior, preferred platforms, and messaging preference of business leaders in the country, especially those operating in the oil and gas sector.

Early Findings

  • Business-to-businesses (B2B) marketing is similar to B2C marketing but it differs in some areas. Unlike B2C customers who are influenced by emotions and entertainment, B2B clients are primarily influenced by effective solutions and positive ROI.
  • Marketing to B2B consumers typically requires having detailed information about the needs of the particular industry in which they operate.
  • According to a recent study, 80 percent of B2B clients prefer to be reached via informational articles, industry reports, and whitepapers rather than through ads.
  • A key practice in marketing to businesses is to identify the customers, their pain points, and how they would like those pain points addressed. According to FoundationInc, talking directly to those businesses is the best way to go.
  • According to Expat, utilizing a professional networking service, such as LinkedIn, is the most effective means of reaching key decision-makers in the region.
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