Instagram in the finance industry


To understand best practices for using Instagram in the finance industry.

Early Findings

  • While not UK focused, AHA Media lists 8 financial services companies that are "crushing it" on Instagram. Broad themes behind their success include variety of content, attractive images, education, staying true to brand messaging, user-generated content and visual storytelling.
  • Another blog has 8 further institutions to consider.
  • Tearsheet advises financial services companies to use Instagram to "connect with an experience rather than a product". American Express, as a global entity, is considered a leader in this.
  • Mastercard efficiently uses Instagram's micro-targeting ability to tailor its content to specific groups.
  • Specifically for customer service, brands use Instagram's "contact" button to connect customers directly to calling, texting or emailing the brand.
  • Monzo's Instagram account allows users to direct message or email the brand from their profile page. Replies to requests for help in the public comments sections advise customers either to call their customer service number or DM directly in-app.
  • Starling offers similar capabilities on its Instagram. Users can email or DM the brand on Instagram. They also have a pinned Story called #AskStarling where users can submit a question and have it featured on one of the brand's videos. Similar to Monzo, a representative addresses issues from commenters by advising them to DM, call or e-mail.
  • Research or white papers specific to Instagram for customer service were not found. However, there is a decent bank of information on general trends for customer service in social media, which can be applied to Instagram where applicable.

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