Transporter Insurance


To find how commercial vehicles with transporter tags are insured in South Carolina and which insurance companies offer this service.

Early Findings

South Carolina Legal Framework

  • According to section 58-23-920 of South Carolina's legislature, both company liability insurance and property damage insurance are required of owners of motor vehicles transporting goods for hire.
  • Motor vehicles transporting goods for hire include transportation of passengers, regulated property, or household goods for compensation.
  • In this case, waste transportation falls under this category and is therefore subject to this regulation.

Transporter Insurance: XINSURANCE

  • A company called XINSURANCE with offices in Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois and Utah offers "transportation plates insurance" nationwide except for the states of New York, Hawaii, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.
  • This type of insurance can include unlimited mileage as well as trailer interchange coverage and "Over the Road Physical Damage".
  • Coverage is available for a variety of vehicles including buses, semis, dealership or personal vehicles.
  • The company offers the possibility to customize the type of insurance needed for the specific need of the customer.
  • XINSURANCE has been a specialist of commercial truck insurance since the 90s offering insurance tailored to the needs of every client.
  • Truck insurance coverage includes long-haul, short-haul, auto fleets and any other type of trucks.
  • The company prides itself in covering gaps left by traditional coverage.
  • They can be contacted by Phone: (872) 219-0884 or Email:
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