Research Proposal

Intel Marketing Organizational Structure


To provide detailed organizational structures of Intel's marketing groups, including the names, titles, and the areas of responsibilities. Additionally, to understand what industry experts and Intel are saying about each marketing group and note if there seem to be any pain points and organizational gaps.

Early Findings

The organizational chart of the marketing team of Intel has been provided using the information from Intel Newsroom and a database called The Official Board. More information on the topic has been presented below.

Intel Sales, Marketing, and Communications Group

  • According to Intel, the company is divided into multiple teams. Such teams include the Sales, Marketing, and Communications Group; Finance; Human Resources; IT; Intel Architecture Group; and more. The main team responsible for marketing is the Sales, Marketing, and Communications Group.
  • Intel's Sales, Marketing, and Communications Group is further structured into multiple sub-groups. An account must be created on The Official Board to view the names of the position holders. Therefore, the names have been provided as a screenshot in the attached Google Doc for ease.
  • The names have been corroborated across The Official Board and Intel Newsroom. Additionally, the names at The Official Board were updated 17 days ago. The complete structure has been explained below.
  • The Sales, Marketing, and Communications Group is led by Michelle Johnston Holthaus. She is the executive vice president and general manager of the Sales, Marketing, and Communications Group. Under her leadership, the group is further divided into different sub-groups, such as Communications, Market and Partners, Outbound Group Marketing, China, and Marketing.

Sub-Groups (Areas of Responsibilities)

1. Communications

2. Markets and Partners

3. Outbound Group Marketing

4. China

5. Marketing

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