VAuto Competitive Analysis


To secure a competitive analysis of key players to aid in preparing unique and differentiated messaging strategies for vAuto. The analysis will detail key business components for MAX Digital (FirstLook), DealerSocket (Inventory+), DealersLink, and DealerCue (VinCue).

Early Findings


  • In reviewing overall dealership management systems, vAuto’s Provision is ranked 6th after CDK Global, Dealertrack DMS, VinSolutions, Elead1one, and Perq (based on user reviews in the general category).

MAX Digital (FirstLook)

  • MAX Digital recently began a partnership with DealerCenter. MAX Digital executive vice president, Mike Cavanaugh, said, "'This partnership is such a clear win-win-win with DealerCenter providing a convenient way for independent dealers across the nation to upgrade to MAX data while remaining within the seamless DealerCenter experience.'"

DealerSocket (Inventory+)

  • DealerSocket recently upgraded Inventory+ to have a newer "easy-to-use interface, intuitive navigation and expanded reporting capabilities that provide value to both single-store operations and multi-rooftop dealer groups. The new features enable customers to sell their vehicles at a greater profit, which is in line with DealerSocket’s longstanding focus on profit over velocity."


  • DealersLink received 3 out of 5 stars based on 1 customer review noting, "The online software had good visuals with pictures of the cars loading quickly" but "the options for editing vehicles take a while to get used to and are not as good as competitors."

DealerCue (VinCue)

  • A comparison of VinCue and vAuto’s Provision revealed that Provision received 4.8/5 stars (20 reviews) and VinCue received 4.4/5 (32 reviews). The biggest differences were in customer support and features/functionality.

Marketing Trends

  • Current auto industry marketing trends include the dominance of mobile interactions and video as a content disruptor.
  • A digital trend for automotive marketing in 2019 is building value in advertisements as a way of building consumer trust.
  • Customer experience is expected to be the "top brand differentiator by 2020." 84% of customers note that the experience is as important as the product/service.

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