Research Outline

I am interested in a competitive analysis of the nonprofit L&D Space. Specifically I want to understand the training solution


To obtain a competitive analysis of the nonprofit L&D space (Cornerstone Foundation, Bridgespan Group, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, Mursion, Emtrain, and Rise) addressing the topics, program costs, duration of the program, program tools, their target market, the company's messaging, and the potential program/learning outcomes. To understand the training resources available from educational institutions, nonprofit consulting firms, and from us local, state, and federal programs.

Early Findings

  • This spreadsheet has been used to partially populate information for one company and has been set up for the next stage of research.
  • After a thorough analysis of a number of L&D companies that have the word "rise" in their title, the research team opted to provide insights for this one as it had several notable clients. If the company you would like to research is different, feel free to indicate that in the attached spreadsheet or in response to the competitive landscape research path presented below.

Summary of our Early Findings

  • Our initial one-hour research time was spent structuring this research project and providing insights into the first company.
  • The research paths described below should present a comprehensive analysis of the different companies listed in the spreadsheet.