Credit Reporting Agencies: Content Marketing


Create an overview of the content marketing being produced by the big three credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, by research native ads, branded content, social media channels, company blogs, and any partnerships they have. Identify the B2C topics the agencies are writing about and of what their content marketing programs consist. Determine the frequency with which they are creating articles and promoting content, and the channels they use to promote their materials.

Early Findings


  • According to AdBeat, only 1% of Equifax's ads are native ads, and the longest-running has been running for three days. A compilation of its digital ads can be found here.
  • In 2019, Equifax partnered with the audience technology platform Eyeota to expand Equifax's Data-Driven marketing digital customer insights.
  • Equifax is running around 71 ads on Facebook and none on Instagram or Facebook Messenger. The ads link to Equifax pages that further describe the service offered in the ad and show customers how to obtain the service.
  • The Equifax blog can be found here. The majority of the articles appear to be aimed at answering anticipated questions from individual consumers like what a mixed credit report is and how to deal with the government shutdown.
  • Equifax has a Twitter account called Equifax Financial Education that appears to serve a similar purpose as the blog and frequently tweets links to blog articles.


  • Experian has had an in-house creative agency called The Cooler since 2016 that leads strategy and content creation for the company's overall branding and public relations communications.
  • The Cooler has worked to align the company's focus to be more consumer-driven to drive consumer and client confidence around managing their data.
  • Experian Marketing executives periodically contribute to the marketing publication The Drum with views about consumer insights and targeting.
  • Experian has around 210 ads running on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. They center mostly on promoting their service to build customers' FICO scores and link to a page where customers can download the Experian App.


  • Approximately 92% of TransUnion's digital advertising is on desktop/ display and it purchases digital advertising mostly through DoubleClick Bid Manager, Google AdX + AdSense, and
  • TransUnion outspends Equifax on desktop, mobile, and video by over $1 million.
  • TransUnion has newsroom with press releases that can be found here and a blog that can be found here.

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