Research Outline

Samsung's Lines of Business Online Sales


To find the proportion of online sales for Samsung's lines of business, as well as before and after the covid-19 crisis. In addition, to find the top 3-5 retailer for each line of business, and whether trade restrictions during covid are affecting supply to US retailers. Another objective is to gather information on whether e-commerce and DTC will grow, and how to adapt to the new reality to drive loyalty.

Early Findings

1) Proportion of Online Sales for Samsung LOBs

  • Mobile (B2C, B2B) : In Q1 2020, Samsung improved its online smartphone sales in the US by 30% compared to Q1 2019, primarily due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The proportion of their online phone sales has increased from 13% of total sales in Q1 2019 to 17% in Q1 2020.
  • Home Appliance : In 2019, Samsung kept its top spot in the US home appliance market with 20.5% market share (of a $25.8 billion market). It has been at the top since 2016.

2) Proportion of Overall Online Sales Pre and Post Covid

  • Samsung Mobile Phones sales have fallen by 23% in Q1 2020, compared to Q1 2019, with the total phone market in the US falling by 21%.
  • Due to the coronavirus crisis, Samsung announced that it would strengthen its online sales capabilities.

3) Top 3-5 Retailers for each LOB

4) Trade Restriction Impact

5) E-Commerce and DTC

  • A survey has found that 59% of respondents were looking to increase investment in ecommerce channels as a result of COVID-19.

6) New Sales Strategies

  • Strategies to maintain brand loyalty during covid-19 can include additional corporate social responsibility actions, boosting social media presence, and improving customer experience.