Research Proposal

Industry 4.0 Projects: Companies


To obtain a list of 15-20 companies involved in Industry 4.0 projects( also known as 4rth industrial revolution) with foreign companies. This information will be used to turn to hose companies.

Early Findings

During our initial search, we encountered several companies that have/are involved in Industry 4.0 projects with foreign companies. Two such companies include Microsoft and Nvidia. A summary of our findings is provided below:


  • Microsoft has emerged out to be a hosting partner for several Industry 4.0 companies.
  • It has partnered with various manufacturing and automation companies on Industry 4.0 projects to develop and run mission-critical on-premise MES applications and SCADA for decades.
  • Some companies with whom Microsoft has cooperated on Industry 4.0 projects are Siemens, PTC, GE, and Emerson.
  • Microsoft has cooperated with renewable energy giant Siemens Gamesa enabling it to maintain industrial wind turbines by migrating its autonomous drone-digital process to Microsoft Azure.


  • Nvidia has emerged as a leader in AI training hardware and software among the chipmakers.
  • This technology of Nvidia is helping several Industry 4.0 companies to achieve collaborative robots, drones / UAVs, and connected machine vision.
  • Nvidia has worked with several companies on Industry 4.0 projects including Audi, Aixsponza, and DENSO.
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