Research Proposal

Instructor-Led Online Courses: International Finance


To find out details about instructor-led online courses that contain two or more of the following topics: foreign currency (exchange rates, transactions, revaluation of currency assets & liabilities, translation in EPM), derivative, and hedging policies. Details on classes delivered in the Washington, DC metro area need to be prioritized.

Early Findings

  • Graspskills conducts an instructor-led classroom and an online finance for non-finance professionals training course in Washington, DC, United States.
  • The course costs US$1,199.
  • Online Trading Academy educates students on the live market without risking commission or losses in its professional stock trader course.
  • American Institute of CPAs has two online courses on hedge accounting.
  • Both the courses cost the learner between US$55 and US$65.
  • The Global Financial Markets Institute (GFMI), that conducts instructor-led online courses, teaches fundamentals of foreign exchange, as well as the features, characteristics, applications, basics of pricing, and risks of foreign exchange in its spot and forward foreign exchange course.
  • has several online courses on foreign exchange, led by instructors, such as Paul Langham, Tom Clegg, Eva Mahoney, etc.
  • University of Washington’s Professional and Continuing Education division provides instructor-led online courses on accounting and finance.
  • The course runs for 11 weeks and is priced at US$1,248.

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