Research Proposal

International Finance Training


To identify on-line training options on international finance with specific focus on foreign currency (exchange rates, transactions, revaluation of currency assets & liabilities, translation in EPM), derivative, and hedging policies to be delivered to a client.

Early Findings

  • Class Central offers the online course "Foreign Exchange Markets: Concepts, Instruments, Risks and Derivatives" for a free price. This course covers topics such as the structure of foreign exchange markets, trading and settlement mechanisms, foreign exchange, and derivative instruments.
  • Udemy offers "The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course," which contains topics like Forex market basics, how to open a forex trading account, how to send orders, and others. The price of this course is $199.99.
  • The New York Institute of Finance offers the online course "Managing Foreign Exchange Risk Using Derivatives," which includes topics like foreign exchange risk, foreign exchange contracts, non-deliverable forward foreign exchange, and currency options. This course is available for a price of $199.
  • Alison provides the Currency Exchange online course through which users learn to understand how the currency exchange works and how countries trade and lend money. The price of this course is not available.
  • The Forex School Online offers the "Free Forex Trading Course For Beginners" online course. It covers topics like Forex basics and trading costs. This course is available for free.
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