Research Outline

Start-Ups Working With Incubators: Success Stories


To identify 2-3 start-ups, preferably in Australia, that benefited from working with an incubator. The research should preferably focus on cases where incubators have helped start-ups/companies internationalize or have international success.

Early Findings

  • In 2017, according to a survey conducted by Roland Berger across more than 50 countries, 49 percent of accelerators and incubators offered international programs, either through partnerships with foreign entities or with foreign locations.
  • The official program of the incubator Startmate, based out of Australia, includes a week-long immersion trip to San Francisco to expose the start-ups to investors, customers, and the best practices in the world.
  • Some successful start-ups that have collaborated with Startmate are: 5B, Arula, BeyondAg, ByGen, Chatterize, etc.
  • Out of all startups that have collaborated with Startmate, 37 percent have received funding, 71 percent are active or have achieved an exit.
  • The start-ups that collaborate with Startmate have registered an average initial return on investment of 4X.
  • The ThincLab International Incubator Program conducted by the University of Adelaide aims at maximizing the potential for global commercial success of Australian startups and businesses.
  • The program targets to enhance the internationalization readiness of start-ups in Australia embedding a selected group of start-ups in supported international ecosystems within the University’s ThincLabs in France and Singapore.
  • Some start-ups that have collaborated with this incubator program are Augment Space, Digi Cup, Frontier Microscopy, etc.