Trade Finance and Programmable Money


To research on the intersection of trade finance and programmable money (tracked with distributed ledgers/blockchains) in 2020 and in the future for cross border payments. This research will help inform the positioning of a company.

Early Findings

Trade Finance

  • Trade finance allows imports and export transactions for business entities.
  • This can be small businesses importing their private-label products from overseas for a few times. It can also be multi-national corporations importing or exporting a lot of inventory across the globe each year.
  • Both small and large businesses do not want their money to be tied up in shipments of goods that may take months to arrive from overseas. The trade financiers come in and provide the financing.
  • This is also helpful for small businesses that have limited access to interim financing to take care of the cost of goods they intend to buy.

Programmable Money

Proposed next steps:

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