Dating Apps


Gain an understanding of how the introduction of dating apps has changed consumer dating behaviors and expectations, in order to inform a new business pitch

Early Findings

  • One source noted that those who used dating apps like Tinder tended to feel more optimistic about their dating life.
  • It is also noted that dating apps increased the level of validation people seek from their dating life, as the notifications and game like aspect of online dating app spikes our dopamine, the reward chemical associated with social acceptance.
  • It is however noted that while dating apps have changed how people find partners, what they look for has not shifted, with people still seeking a combination of companionship and sexual satisfaction.
  • It’s also noted that the underlying challenges of traditional dating still exist despite dating apps, such as loneliness, boredom, hope and disappointment
  • The anonymity of dating apps however may have created more opportunities for being rude or cruel, with less social accountability to be unkind than if one met via a mutual acquaintance.
  • The time spent on apps also sometimes replaces time spent on in person dating, meaning there was a greater disconnect in the early stages of meeting romantic interests.

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