Research Outline

Brand Marketing Case Studies


Obtain case studies of companies that suffered as a result of failing to invest in their brand. Obtain also case studies of companies that became successful because of their branding strategy. The information will be used to persuade a client to invest in brand marketing.

Early Findings

Brand Marketing Case Studies

Dollar Shave Club

Coca-Cola Brand Positioning Failure

  • Coca-Cola's brand positioning blunder in the past stemmed from its lack of confidence in its product and its failure to fully understand what its customers really prefer.
  • During the late 1970s and early 1980s, many perceived that Pepsi's advertisements are better than Coca-Cola's.
  • Pepsi's campaigns such as the "Pepsi Challenge" and the "Pepsi Generation" sent out a clear message that consumers find the taste of Pepsi's drinks to be better than Coca-Cola's products.
  • Based on this perception, Coca-Cola then thought that the only solution to defeat Pepsi is to release its "New Coke" product with a "better and improved taste."
  • The company did not even think of improving their campaign approach to counter the perception that Pepsi is better.
  • The new product with the new taste went against all the previously established marketing messaging of Coca-Cola.
  • As a result, consumers boycotted the new product and Coca-Cola was forced to release back their original product into the market.