Inyange Industries


Understand the company details of Inyange Industires including company history, recent, news, locations, working hours, contact information, and products offered.

Early Findings


Contact Information

Company History

  • Inyange Industries was founded in 1997 when the company began operations, however, they did not start processing and selling milk and yoghurt until 1999.
  • In 2001, the company introduced mineral water to their products.
  • The company later expanded with a $27 million USD growth plan to open a new plant in Masaka which successfully increased production.
  • The company is currently a privately owned company with 51-100 employees.
  • The company is owned by Brookside Dairy which acquired the company in 2016.

Proposed next steps:

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We suggest continuing research by doing a press search for Inyange Industries. This would include an analysis of all press releases and news articles published about Inyange Industries in the last 12 months as well as a description of what has been published. Total, we would include the number of press releases and news reports mentioning Inyange Industries, who published these reports, what they are about, and any other pertinent details.
In addition, we could continue research to provide a full company profile, this would include the companies, value proposition, strengths, weaknesses, target market, and competitive advantage.
We could also do a market analysis and identify the market size of dairy products in Rwanda and the estimated market share of Inyange Industries.