IoT Based Biometrics


To compile a list of startups in the IoT biometrics space, and gain an understanding of how these biometrics solutions can be used to collect biometric data of drivers

Early Findings

Global biometrics technology is a rapidly growing market, projected to reach 59.31 billion USD by 2025, with a CAGR of 19.5%.

While there were few bio-metrics companies catering directly to measuring vitals of drivers, company Bayometric focused on driver biometrics authentication methods.

Other companies like BehavioSec, while not focused on drivers, also provide similar non-invasive biometric authentication methods, to monitor and identify user behaviors with physical markers.

HYPR Corp offers a wide range of biometric solutions to enterprise-level clients, including voice, eye, face, and fingerprint systems.

LaForge offers biometric glasses that integrate with wearable teach that could monitor a driver or wearer’s status while in Drive Mode.

Idemia, while focused primarily on using Augmented Identity for security screening, was considered a global leader in biometrics in general.
AnchorID is a company that processes biometrics via the use of a smartphone and mobile application.

Company Uniphore is creating biometrics around voice recognition and Conversational Service Automation using AI that could be used to identify and communicate with drivers
Company Sekg currently provides biometric feedback for gamers, which is compiled into a streamlined dashboard, and could be adapted to help drivers monitor their biofeedback.

Major automotive companies are beginning to embrace biometrics, including fingerprints and facial recognition.

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