Research Outline

IoT in Healthcare Trends


To identify 2-3 trends in the IoT healthcare sector that focus on interoperability with community based EMR including what is driving each trend and the impact on healthcare in the future.

Early Findings

Our research on IoT healthcare trends that focused on interoperability with community based EMR revealed insights. Here are some key pieces of information we found:

Interoperability with Community Based EMR: Trends

  • The need to improve interoperability with community based EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and EHR (Electronic Health Record) is a current and future trend within the IoT healthcare sector, according to industry experts. "Large technology companies are using their vast reach and expertise to create an interoperable electronic record that can integrate data from a variety of sources and enable real-time access."
  • Driving the trend of improving interoperability with community based EMR is the reality that in order to succeed with being able to maximize the potential of other IoT devices for the healthcare sector in the future, "providers and developers will need to collaborate on creating and deploying data standards and shared protocols to ensure the seamless exchange of data across disparate systems."
  • According to industry experts, the use of semantic software that allows for "the complete utilization of shared data by operatively different EMRs" is an emerging trend for improved interoperability of community based EMR and EHR within the IoT healthcare sector.
  • Driving the trend for the use of semantic software is the need to achieve optimization with community based EMR that will prevent physician burn-out and propel value-based healthcare for the future.