Research Outline

Hospital ISO Certification


To determine whether ISO certification is available for certain operations/functions within a hospital, or whether the entire hospital must obtain the certification, in order to develop a progressive ISO certification for a hospital. Additionally, if certification can be obtained by only certain areas, how are the limits between what is certified and what isn't determined and disseminated.

Early Findings

  • The Philippines Department of Health published a list of hospitals that were ISO certified. By examining the certificates for several of the hospitals, it was made clear that ISO certification can be obtained for only certain operations/functions, rather than having to be facility-wide.
  • The certificates received by the hospitals lays out the scope of the certification and explains exactly what is covered.
  • For example, the Zamboanga City Medical Center is ISO 9001 certified for "Provision of Level 3 Hospital Services and Psychiatric Healthcare Services (excluding Residency Training Program);" Schistosomiasis Hospital received certification only for their management system; and the Philippine Children's Medical Center received certification for a variety of operations/functions including pediatric specialized care, dental, administrative support, and training services.
  • DNV GL provides accreditation and certification for U.S. hospitals, and here is a link to the hospitals that have received ISO certification through them.
  • This case study looks at a hospital in Norway that was looking to obtain ISO certification for its emergency department, which is another indication that certification can be obtained for certain operations/functions.
  • This presentation from 2010 explains why hospitals should consider ISO, steps to get ready, and a case study of a hospital in Ohio that was certified. OF note, it appears the entire organization received the certification. No U.S. examples were found of partial ISO certification.
  • Although dated (from 2009), this chat group conversation about whether it is beneficial to obtain ISO certification for only certain departments provided some additional insights, but also confirmed that it is possible.

Summary of Findings

  • Our initial search found that data on the ISO certification process and what is required was hard to come by. Much of the process is directed by consultants and although some free resources were provided, it was limited.
  • We also did not find any articles by industry experts talking about obtaining partial certifications.
  • Ultimately, we were able to confirm that certifications for individual operations/functions are possible.