Research Outline

IT/Cloud Service Companies


To build a list of non-public IT/Cloud services B2B companies in the U.S. that have raised funding in the past year. To provide for each company, the company URL, investor/fund name, investment date (to confirm it was in the last year), sales volume, and an explanation of what the company does.

Early Findings

Zignal Labs


  • ExecVision is a conversation intelligence platform built for coaching. It empowers organizations to coach people efficiently at scale, improving performance and driving revenue. ExecVision analyzes conversations, providing the ability to identify what was said, the context of what was said, positive or negative reaction, and the phase of the conversation where it occurred. ExecVision then interprets and compares outcomes, giving you insights into what is and isn’t working, differentiating top performers from everyone else.
  • Funding round: Series A - ExecVision
  • Investors: Edison Partners
  • Funding date: Dec 19, 2018
  • Funding amount: US$ 5.4 million
  • Estimated revenue: US$ 2.5 million