Research Proposal

IT, Software, and Employee Communications


Provide statistics related to employee experience, in order to create an infographic for an IT audience

Early Findings

Employee engagement and satisfaction in the US has increased to 34%, showing progress from previous years.

Highly engaged employee teams are associated with 21% greater profitability.

Disengaged employees are noted to cost U.S. companies around $550 billion per year.

Teams in the top 20% for employee experience show a 41% decrease in absenteeism and 59% decrease in employee turnover.

While 90% of C-suite executives felt they were aware of employee needs when introducing new tech into the workplace, only 50% of employees felt the same.

Companies that were in the top 25% for employee experience ratings were associated with double the innovations, customer satisfactions, and a 25% higher profits than companies in the lower 25% of employee experience.

Investing in employee experience can make companies in any industry four times more profitable.
While it was noted that 60% of U.S. employees report having an outlet for providing feedback about employee experience, only 30% felt their feedback was actually acted on by employers or managers.

Highly engaged employees were noted to be 87% less likely to leave their existing company than less engaged employees.

77% of workers surveyed found the equipment or tools at their work to be sufficient, and 73% found the related training to be adequate

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