Itinerary Planning Websites


The household income, frequency of travel, age, nationality, and length of trips of people who use Itineree, Tripomatic, and Travefy, as well as, their pros and cons.

Early Findings


  • There is no data available on the demographics of people who use Itineree.
  • Pros: Itineree allows people to "arrange accommodation, transportation, sights, local food and many others" to their travel plans. It is also relatively easy to use and helps plan "multi-day and multi-place journeys."
  • Cons: Itineree is limited to a few locations. Trips to some locations, particularly less common cities, can not be planned using Itineree.


  • Tripomatic is now known as Sygic Travel. There is no data available on the demographics of people who use it.
  • Pros: Sygic Travel is good for finding out "what attractions and activities are available in an area in an easy to read format" and includes transportation maps. It is also a free app with an option to upgrade for a one-time purchase. It offers a travel template, changes currencies by location, and provides time, distance, and weather estimates for any destination.
  • Cons: It does not "offer any details on local public transportation." It also does not offer a way to keep track of reservations. In additions, bookings of some activities and hotels are confined to what is available on Sygic's partner sites.


  • The only report available on Travefy's users is one it published in 2015. According to this report, the top destinations by travelers on the website are the US (California, New York, Florida, and Nevada being the most visited places), the UK, France, Italy, and Spain.
  • Pros: It allows groups to plan trips together rather than just individuals, it also allows people to share their itinerary with others and automatically updates travel plans based on bookings found in one's email. Through Travefy, users can organize their trips into Personal and Business. The platform connects with social media networks like Facebook as well.
  • Cons: Users need to enter their personal information before getting access to it features. Travefy only offers a 10-day trial, after which users need to pay $16 per month. In addition, it "merely organizes your information; it never suggests destinations or tours."

Proposed next steps:

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Despite a thorough public search and scanning our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources, we were unable to find any data on the users of Itineree, Tripomatic, and Travefy. We recommend proceeding with demographic data on more well-known travel websites like Trip Advisor and Airbnb. Our initial search revealed that there is a wealth of demographic information on both companies. We will provide the household income, frequency of travel, age, nationality, gender, and length of trips regarding people using them.
Alternatively, we could focus on US travelers in general and provide the household income, frequency of travel, age, nationality, gender, and length of trips of people who travel in the US - particularly those who plan their trips.
In addition, a competitive assessment of Itineree, Tripomatic, and Travefy might be helpful. This will include a brief description of each company, their pricing, target audience (as available), and competitive advantage.