Jamieson Wellness Inc. Company Analysis


Determine the top expansion areas and the key challenges of Jamieson Wellness Inc. that can impact its business results. This information will be used to determine how a data analysis firm can help in finding gaps in Jamieson's business plans. The insights can then be applied to propel the vitamin manufacturer's data-driven plans.

Early Findings




  • Jamieson's earnings were previously impacted by a delay in the shipment of key product ingredients such as fish-oil and vitamin A.
  • The delay was attributed to an increase in the demand for these raw materials in the global market.
  • This shipment delay brought down the sales of some of the company's specialty brands that are relying on these ingredients.

Proposed next steps:

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To get more details on Jamieson's key growth areas and challenges, we recommend dedicating 3 hours of research to look for 2-3 top growth areas and 2-3 key challenges that might impact the company's bottomline.
We also recommend undertaking 3 more hours of research work to perform a competitive analysis between Jamieson and 2-3 of its top competitors. This analysis can include the companies' competitive advantage, comparison of offerings, and target market. This exercise can further yield some insights on how data analysis can be applied to increase Jamieson's edge over its peers. Let us know which option/s you'd like us to go with and we'll get started.