Boutique Fashion for the Busy Mom


To obtain data and insights about the typical busy Mom that highlights their lack of time due to multiple household tasks like cooking, child-related tasks, caretaking, and household tasks. The focus should be on time-strapped Moms who still want to look good. The information will be used in the establishment of a boutique business supplying everything from fashion to home decor.

Questions to be included in the analysis - How do moms choose clothing? (Based on comfort, style, function, price?)
How do moms find the products they are shopping for? (Recommendations from friends, blogs, browsing online?)
Where do moms get their fashion inspiration from? (Peers, social channels, magazines?)
How often do moms shop for clothing for themselves?
How often are they unable to shop for clothes for themselves? (How often do mothers shop for clothing for themselves and how does this compare to women without children?)
Are young moms more likely to shop at locally-owned establishments vs brick-and-mortar stores? (If given the choice, do moms prefer to shop local / small business?)
How do moms shop these days for: Fashion/clothing items for themselves, and for their children? Home decor (Online? Through social channels? In-store?)
How much does pricing factor where moms shop? (Are moms shopping with coupons? And how often? Are they choosing retailers based on affordability, convenience, or both?)
What do moms prioritize most when shopping (Convenience or budget-friendly?)

Early Findings

What do Moms Prioritize when Shopping?

  • Moms are quick to adapt to new technology and use it to their advantage. These woman need a multi pronged approach to shopping due to time limitations. The look of their wardrobe may change but the group is evolved in a range of different activities outside of the home environment and wants to look at her best for them.

Traits of a Mom

  • Moms have a wide range of traits that are specific to the demographic. They include being tech-abled, operates across multiple communications channels, driven by healthy lifestyles, and are instant gratifiers.

Demographics of Today's Moms

  • 56% of Moms are unmarried. A household income of less that $50,000 is the expeience of 30%. 8% of the Moms are students.
  • Young Moms are 18% more likely to identify as African Americans. 22% identify as Hispanic.

Myths About Mom Shoppers

  • Moms are not attached to go to discount offers.
  • Quality is a definitive factor, especially if they are buying for their babies.
  • Often Moms are the core parental unit that invests in shopping.
  • Moms are logical shoppers. They like to take the time to look around and determine the best offers prior to making a purchase.
  • Every Mom is different and has different needs. They are big fans of Pinterst and often go there for inspiration.

The Mom Shopper

  • The Mom shopper is one of the most influential shoppers across a range of categories. Retailers are increasingly finding that within this group, there are some very different personalities. A few years back, all the Moms were the same age, watched the same TV show, visited the same stores, and purchased the same products. This is no longer the case.
  • Millennial Moms are more likely to shop at bricks and mortar stores compared to older Moms. Convenience coupled with product demos is a good way to draw Moms into a store. 68% of Moms shop at the store they consider most convenience.
  • Gen Y Moms are the most likely to care about the price of the product. 83% of older Moms seek out the best prices when shopping, Older Moms are the most likely to shop for everything for the house.


  • There is a wealth of information available that can answer the questions posed. We suggest further research as set out below.

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