Research Proposal

Jeff Pankoff Profile


To better understand the professional background, skills, and personal interests of Jeff Pankoff in order to prepare for an introductory meeting with him.

Early Findings

As we began our background research, we gained insights into Jeff Pankoff's professional and personal profile. Here are some key pieces of information we found:

Jeff Pankoff

  • Jeff Pankoff's professional background has included a successful career in sales, training, management, and business leadership for over twenty years.
  • His career began as a sales representative position with the Pillsbury company.
  • Mr. Pankoff's most highly endorsed skills on his LinkedIn profile are sales operations, sales process, and sales management.
  • Other highly endorsed professional skills on his LinkedIn profile include selling, new business development, and leadership.
  • A possible conversation starter with Mr. Pankoff could be his interest in Minnetonka Youth Hockey.
  • A published article by Mr. Pankoff on LinkedIn entitled "Don't Let Failure Turn In To Excess Baggage" that encourages salespeople to view failures as a learning experience could also be a possible conversation starter.
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