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To investigate how Covid-19 may affect events and gatherings in the future and the importance of preparing consumers for re-entry now by retaining brand awareness, in order to convince event marketers and organizers to continue to communicate their events and spend money on ad campaigns.

Early Findings

We were unable to find any information from psychologists specifically concerning how people's perceptions on events and gatherings will be affected after the Covid-19 outbreak. However, there seems to be more general information on how the events industry will be affected, or how people's general attitudes will change, which can be applied. Most information is designed for events that are planned to occur during the outbreak, but similar advice can apply to those occurring just after.
  • The events industry has shown time and time again that it is resilient to challenges such as SARS, the global financial crisis and the ash cloud in 2010 that blocked flights. While events may have been canceled, this has often led to a bounce back effect the following year.
  • Tackling fear and ensuring safety in events is an important focus for events organizers. Putting out the right information should be highlighted, as well as ensuring that information put out does not feed into the already existing fear.
  • Meetings and other gatherings should gather information about local resources and healthcare venues and keep people informed with all news and information. However, they should also not provide too much information to avoid spreading fear or giving bad advice. Signposting people to official websites provides live updates without overwhelming them with too much information.
  • Filtering news and learning to communicate it is important to create safe and trustworthy environments for consumers.
  • Following events such as SARS and other major disasters, corporate clients were more selective about which events to attend and which destinations to use. Additionally, emergency plans while at the event and safety and security have become more of a priority. Returning home during a disaster is also a concern for these clients. Hence, events organizers need to reduce travel stress as well as ensuring heightened security is provided.
  • The events industry needs to adapt with the Covid-19 outbreak, for example, by offering backup plans if events must be canceled due to circumstances outside the event planner's control.
  • Psychologists predict that Covid-19 events, such as exposure to infected people, will increase depression, anxiety, death anxiety and paranoia. They also expect people's sense of trust and control will reduce.

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