Sexual wellness during COVID-19


  • Identify key trends regarding consumer behavior and the volume of social conversations surrounding sexual wellness during COVID.
  • Find valuable insights to authentically add value to sexual wellness during COVID social networks conversation.

Early Findings


An early approach to social media information showed some interesting figures to support the research shared by journals and scientific studies. This could give the report a general view of the users' behavior before and after the Covid-19.

Hot topics

Some of the main topics to research could include (but not limited to) traffic of nudes and hot pictures, the rise of webcam services, sexting as a trend, increasing traffic from porn websites, and most popular social networks to look for sex.


We can identify the risks of practices related with the most popular online behaves, like sharing hot pictures on social media, to get some tips to share with the client. This should be some kind of a safe-online sex guide.


We can include some examples of conversations or used hashtags to give some context to the data.

Research proposal:

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