Digital Marketing & Advertising Tactics: Kanab Tourism


To find out insights and examples that help to gain a better understanding of the digital marketing & advertising tactics deployed by Kanab, Utah, to reach out to its potential visitors.

Early Findings

  • The city of Kanab, Utah, uses most of the social media platforms effectively to reach out to its potential visitors.
  • The Facebook page of the city of Kanab serves as a tourist information portal. More than 9,500 people follow the page which can be used to send inquiries via direct messaging services or e-mail.
  • The Instagram page of the city of Kanab has more than 1,180 followers, whereas the official Twitter handle has only 56 followers.
  • The official Youtube channel of Kanab has only 242 subscribers. However, one of the most viewed videos on the channel, titled ‘Abra Kanabra! :60’, garnered more than 116,000 views over the past one year.
  • The city of Kanab’s official travel website also uses blog posts extensively to advertise some of its unique features as a travel destination.
  • It promotes the city as one with a rich historical background where many western classics have been filmed.
  • It also promotes the city as an ideal location for ‘destination living’, with multiple adventure locations and the largest animal sanctuary in the United States.
  • The tourism authority of Kanab uses platforms, such as, to promote and sell tickets for its events.
  • Currently, the authorities are selling tickets for a 10,000 km race celebrating the city’s 150th birthday.

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