Kenko Technology - Competitive Landscape


To gain a competitive landscape of Kenko Technology.

Early Findings

  • Kenko Technology states they provide "emotion analytics as a service".
  • Lightwave uses a combination of facial analytics and biometric data (collected through wearables) to analyze audiences at large-scale events (concerts, sports, etc).
  • NeuroLynQ actually offers the hardware that tracks biometric data for emotion analytics.
  • Most companies found use facial recognition or voice analysis. There were very few offering emotion analytics from biometric data. This area is still the subject of much scientific study.
  • Affectiva is doing research on combining facial recognition with other biometric input.
  • Feel combines biometric inputs with CBT to deliver 24/7 real-time emotional health support.

Proposed next steps:

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We propose finding and detailing 3-4 true competitors to Kenko Technology. For each, we will examine their competitive advantages, target market and weaknesses.
Additionally, we could look at finding the global market size and growth for 'emotion analytics as a service'.
We could also highlight and describe 2-3 key trends in 'emotion analytics as a service'. For each trend identified, we will provide One: what the trend is, Two: why it is a trend (why we chose it), and Three: 1-2 examples of a company leaning into the trend.