Ketosis Process


Determine if there are any other factors that facilitate ketosis or the ability to adjust between burning ketones and glucose. Determine also if there is a benefit to alternating time spent at altitude and at sea level.

Early Findings

Ketosis Process


  • Diet adjustments can also facilitate ketosis.
  • Reducing the consumption of carbohydrates, including coconut oil, eating more fats, and eating enough protein are some of the actions that can facilitate ketosis.

Low Altitude to High Altitude Locations and Human Fitness

  • In one study on Andean mouse species in mountainous regions, the animals have separately developed a metabolic pathway that increases energy output even with a small amount of oxygen supply.
  • The mice's hearts has also developed bigger oxidative capacities as compared to those living at sea level.
  • The study infers that a similar pattern has also developed in other mammals that are living in high-altitude regions.
  • When going from low to high altitudes, human bodies will initially respond with negative physiological manifestations.
  • Labored breathing and rapid heart rate typically occur even while at rest.
  • Pulse rates and blood pressures also rise steeply as hearts work harder to bring more oxygen to the cells.
  • These are considered as highly stressful changes to the body.
  • However, once the body is in the acclimatization stage, more red blood cells and capillaries are generated to transport more oxygen.
  • Lung capacities also increase to help in the osmotic transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • The network of heart muscles also increases which makes the transfer of gases more efficient.
  • However, the acclimatization process does not often result in the same level of fitness as when at sea level.
  • Also, the physiological transformations that were developed when going from low altitude to high altitude areas are just short-term gains once the body goes back to the low altitude places.

Summary of Findings

  • Our one hour of research provided some insights on some factors that can facilitate ketosis.
  • We also touched on the fitness implications of going from low altitude to high altitude areas and vice versa.

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